Travelling broadens your mind

Travelling to different countries and places helps in exploring many things and gives us opportunities to meet people, understand the nature, and broaden our vision. Individuals who mostly stay within the comfort zone of their homes do not get much exposure to experience the life outside of their homes. However, when they travel, they get a chance to know different aspects of life which were unfamiliar to them earlier. Travel therefore helps in exploring the world from different perspectives and adds a character to the existing knowledge of the individuals. Similarly, our minds are broaden and widen as we acquire information andcollect images and memories during travel and that leave a deep impact on our mind.


A huge benefit of travelling lies in experiencing new cultures and understanding new perspectives. The knowledge that comes from travel also includes planning for the trip, without which the tour will not produce expected results, such as discovering new interests for one and learning new things. Travelling can be fun & even a leisure trip. This also varies from person to person and if planned appropriately, it helps the traveller in adapting to different ideologies, cultures, and basic ways of living. Also, a greater benefit of travelling is that you get a chance to interact with different types of people irrespective of their religion, caste and creed leaving your ego aside which gives you a deeper sense of happiness.


Also, travelling helps in creating a meaningful relationship with whom you had met during your journey as it tends to develop friendships with them. Travel empowers a person with knowledge that no school will be providing. Finally, travelling to different places helps one in getting knowledge about culture, cuisine and other basic things about different communities and groups living in those areas.

Roaming across the world provides happiness to the daydreamers as it gives them mental and emotional satisfaction. Rightly said by someone, quit your desk job and take a break from your monotonous life to feel the nature and relish that environment. The thought is, reinvent your life by experiencing the beauty of nature, a world wonder, an intricate historical monument, or any sight or scene that stops you in your tracks by living in the present. Travelling is a beautiful therapy and personal transformation for those who are waiting for a miracle to happen in their lives.

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Everything has pros and cons attached to it and so does travelling.

Advantages: Experiencing new things and learning certain factors of life is an wonderful addition which often leaves long-lasting impression on the traveller's mind. Travelling also opens doors to various sports and adventure activities which will be cherished later by the traveller. Life is short, so live and adores it in such a way that the fear of death can never enter your heart. For Solo travellers, travelling helps in building their confidence as they have to overcome certain adversities and deal with difficult challenges during their trips.

Disadvantages:Travelling can become an expensive affair at times, especially in the contemporary times when we seek for modern facilities everywhere. The problem often faced by the solo travellers is, they might feel lonely at times and homesick at other times. Most of the people hesitate to travel abroad if they do not know the language of that particular country.

But, everything has an attached advantage and disadvantage to it so it's better to relish the journey of a beautiful life by travelling to various places; however, with budget in mind. As scientifically it has been proved that vacations make a person healthier and works as a stress-buster. Moreover, it boosts a traveller's happiness when they are travelling as they do not have to think about their everyday work. It helps in releasing anxiety and lowers the risk of depression which is a major problem in today's world. Finally, to remain fit and fine forever, a person should take breaks from their daily schedule whenever possible.


So, pack your bag and leave for a splendid journey as beautiful things are waiting for you.

Published on 26 October 2019

Author Information: Ms. Nancy Sachdeva. She is an avid reader and wanderer. She loves baking and trying new cuisines every day is her passion. She can be contacted at

The views expressed in this commentary are author’s personal observations.

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