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In August 2019, Twenex has launched a new wing, Twenex Research, Analyses and Documentation in order to share knowledge, exchange information and critically examine the regional geopolitics and national and international developments. This is an initiative to enable Twenex to understand the global socio-political and economic scenarios which would help the organisation in analysing the geopolitical risks across the world, inevitable for its expansion. We aim at doing so by contributing to the ongoing trend of geopolitical analyses in India and abroad. Twenex Research aims to help the youth of India and the world in sharing their views on anything which seems to be important from social, political, economic, security and strategic perspectives. We also offer timely and expert analyses of national and international affairs. Twenex Research is an enabler to help fellow start-ups, NGOs, CSOs, think tanks and individuals in preparing analytical briefs, study reports and programme documentation reports on subjects ranging from international politics to local entrepreneurship.

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