Tourism in India has seen an Exponential Growth

Reports the T&TCR 2019

Sarike Moghe

India is an extremely rich country with its cultural diversity, ecosystem, natural and scenic beauty. When it comes to tourism, the country has a lot to offer and can surprise the tourists with its heterogeneity. Each Indian state offers something unique to the travellers which can range from culture, language, history, and festivals to archaeology, architecture and technology. There is something for everyone and one can choose as per individual preferences. You can enjoy wildlife safaris, deserts, hills and mountains, beaches, air and water adventure sports, spiritual tourism or history, based on your personal likings.

As per the Travel and Tourism Competitive Report 2019, published by the World Economic Forum, India is ranked at the 34th position in a list of 140 countries globally. India is also ranked seventh as the most travelled country in Asia-Pacific.

Tourism contributes 9.2% (US$240 billion approx.) of India’s GDP. Moreover, by the end of 2028, tourism is expected to contribute 10% to India’s GDP.

Gradual Growth in Tourism Industry in India is Phenomenal

Tourism in India is growing with every passing year. The successive governments have taken conscious steps to promote the country’s rich culture, heritage and its serene and beautiful tourist spots. It is evident with yearly revenue generation and tourism industry’s contribution to India’s GDP.



Benefits from Tourism Industry are Immense

The benefits that tourism industry can provide to the economy are plentiful to be overlooked.

  1. It directly helps the economy by generating revenues.

  2. Creates job opportunities in industries like transport and hospitality.

  3. Tourism helps in increasing the value of the currency.

  4. Opens up opportunities for cultural exchanges and education.

  5. Travel helps individuals by bringing changes in one’s character. It helps in adapting different cultures and has the potential to mould one person as a multitasking and independent individual.

The following chart portrays the industries that gain from tourism

Most Popular Indian States among the Foreign Tourists

Approximately 90% of the foreign footfall in India prefer few states; rather than going everywhere in the country. Rest of the states /union territories in India, therefore, have to explore ways to attract tourists by improving the travel and tourism infrastructure.


A Promising Future for the Indian Tourism Industry

The future of tourism in India is promising. With better infrastructure and tourist-friendly rules, India has a lot to offer, both to the regional and international travellers. India needs to explore opportunities to improve the domestic tourism as well.

India is still at its nascent stage when it comes to the tourism industry. The country surely has many unexplored tourist destinations as well. It can surely offer a diversified portfolio of niche tourism which may include adventure, wellness, medical, film, sports, rural/ eco-tourism and, religious tourism.

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