Medical Tourism in India - a New Ray of Hope for Many

Medical Tourism has been gaining a lot of traction from all around the world. Until a few years back, it was believed that only people from under-developed countries, who do not have advanced treatment facility or technology in their home countries, need to travel to developed countries to receive modern medical treatment. But now things have changed. People from developed countries often travel to foreign lands to receive treatment, thanks to reasons like cost-effectiveness, the long-waiting period for the treatment, quality health care etc.
As per patients beyond border, medical tourism is growing worldwide at a rate of 15-25%.Asian Countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India have seen the maximum rise in medical tourism, where they provide the best health care facility at a comparatively cheaper rate.


India is among the top five countries which attract tourists seeking medical care. The market is growing at a rate of 15-18% each year which is valued at approximately $10 Billion in revenue every year. It is projected that India would witness a growth of 20-25% in medical revenue of the sector. Cities like Chennai and Noida are becoming top choices by foreign patients. In many hospitals (specifically private), half of the beds are taken by foreign nationals.

Increasing awareness of alternative medicine has enhanced India’s potential as a global medical tourism hotspot. The Indian market is expected to grow at $15 Billion by 2020. Many people who have not been able to recover or have suffered side effects from conventional medical methods are moving towards alternative medicine for healing.


Indian wellness and rejuvenation centres have taken medical tourism at a next level.  It helps in pursuing wellness through physical, emotional and spiritual healings. Most of the wellness and rejuvenation centres are based in southern states of the country like Kerala and Karnataka. The retreats usually offer two-to-three weeks wellness programmes and one can choose the centre based on his or her preference like meditation, yoga, spa, wellness regime etc.

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Healthcare Industry has been undergoing a major paradigm shift. Earlier, the choices were limited and patients had to take whatever is available in their home country irrespective of cost and quality. Today patients have options and can choose their medical provider based on their affordability, accessibility and availability regardless of geographical location. Need for good healthcare and their experience, medical tourism certainly has a long way to go.
The new era of healthcare has just begun! 

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